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Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport at Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre



Shanghai, China
April 16-18, 2013
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Exhibitor General Rules & Regulations

All ABACE Exhibitors must review and abide by these Rules & Regulations. In addition, specific Rules are applicable to Indoor Exhibitors and Static Display & Chalet Exhibitors.

Show Guide & Directory of Exhibiting Companies Listing

The ABACE Show Guide & Directory of Exhibiting Companies contains pertinent information relative to Exhibits, Education Sessions, social gatherings, shuttle bus service and other events at ABACE. Exhibitors are provided one complimentary Exhibitor listing per Stand, Chalet or Static Display Space reserved. Additional profiles are available at a cost of $350 each.  Companies wishing to have Additional Company profiles should complete the Additional Company Profile Request form.

Exhibitors are listed alphabetically in both the print and online editions of the Show Guide with their Stand, Chalet and/or Static Display Space Number(s), Company address, phone and fax numbers, web and e-mail addresses and a 50-word description of the Company’s products or services, as well as a maximum of five Buyers Guide categories per Exhibitor. Exhibiting Companies will be sent log-in information to access the Show Guide database to update their Company’s information online.

Exhibitors should note the following:

  • The official name of the on-site publication for ABACE is the ABACE Show Guide & Directory of Exhibiting Companies. Publications with other names (i.e.; Expo Guide or Fair Guide) are not authorized for the ABACE Show by ABACE Management.
  • Exhibitors receive one complimentary Show Guide listing per Exhibit application received.
  • Exhibiting Companies must be Members in good standing (i.e., paid in full for all accounts with either NBAA or AsBAA) in order to have Show Guide listings appear in the print and online editions of the ABACEShow Guide.
  • Each Exhibiting Company and Co-Exhibiting Company must have separate log-in credentials for their Show Guide listings, is responsible for entering and reviewing their Company’s Show Guide information online by March 15, 2013, and must pay appropriate fees to ABACE (as required).

Accommodations for Attendees With Disabilities

ABACE Management will provide reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities who make their situation known to ABACE personnel. Reasonable accommodations are those that do not create an undue hardship on ABACE, change the nature of scheduled events or activities, or pose a safety or health threat to other Attendees. Individuals with disabilities who wish to use personal-powered vehicles at ABACE are urged to contact NBAA’s Linda Peters at [email protected] in advance for approval. It is the policy of ABACE that these vehicles be specifically used for handicapped individuals and exhibit the stability required to operate around Exhibits and Airplanes. For safety reasons, only officially-approved vehicles are permitted to operate within the Exhibit Hall in the Hangar on the Static Display. Only trained service animals with proper supervision are permitted at ABACE.


ABACE is a business event. Kindly advise your sales people and customers that children under 12 are never permitted in the Exhibit Hangar or Exhibitor Pavilion or at the Static Display of Aircraft – under any circumstances. Children ages 12 to 17 will be permitted into the Exhibit Hangar, the Exhibitor Pavilion and Static Display of Aircraft during official Exhibit Hours only provided that they register, pay appropriate fees and are accompanied by an adult at all times. Children between the ages of 12 to 17 will not be permitted in the Exhibit Hangar or Exhibitor Pavilion or on the Static Display of Aircraft during installation and teardown. ABACE will not be held responsible by or for any cause whatsoever.


ABACE Management must be made aware in advance of any Co-Exhibitors who are planning to share stand space to ensure that stand signage and ABACE Show Guide listings are accurate. Co-Exhibiting Companies must be affiliated with the primary Exhibitor with whom they are sharing Exhibit Space.

All Co-Exhibitors must be Members in good standing of either AsBAA or NBAA. Co-Exhibitors wishing to have separate, individual listings in the ABACE Show Guide must complete the ABACE2013 Show Guide additional listing request form. There is a $350 fee for additional profiles in the Show Guide, which must be paid in advance. Co-Exhibitors, like Exhibitors, will receive log-in credentials to update their company information online for the print and online editions of the ABACE Show Guide. Companies wishing to have Additional Company profiles should complete the Additional Company Profile Request form.

Direct Selling

No Exhibitor is to distribute materials outside of their assigned Exhibit Space (including areas outside of Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre, such as hotels, banners, etc.) without written approval from ABACE Management. Direct selling, including but not limited to monetary transactions or exchanges of funds, on the Exhibit Floor and/or at the Static Display of Aircraft is prohibited. Advertising material of any description may be displayed and distributed only within the Display Space assigned to the Exhibitor presenting such material. Canvassing by exhibitors outside their assigned exhibit is prohibited. Canvassing and/or distribution of publications/marketing materials/show dailies outside of assigned Exhibit Space, including all Stand-to-Stand distributions, are also prohibited. Canvassing and solicitation, except by Exhibiting Companies, are prohibited within 80 km (50 miles) of ABACE at Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre and the Static Display of Aircraft on Hongqiao International Airport.


ABACE is a business event. Dress for ABACE is business attire. This applies to all Attendees and Exhibitors, as well as to personnel working on behalf of Exhibitors in their Stands.

Exhibitor Service Desk

ABACE Management provides a designated on-site area where Exhibitors can order and/or check on supporting items for their Stand from ABACE-preferred and exclusive service suppliers (electrical, furniture, catering, etc.). The Exhibitor Service Desk will be located in the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre Hangar area and will be open as follows:

Friday, April 12   12:00 – 17:00
Saturday, April 13   08:00 – 17:00
Sunday, April 14   08:00 – 19:00
Monday, April 15 – Tuesday, April 16   08:00 – 17:00
Wednesday, April 17   08:00 – 18:00
Thursday, April 18   08:00 – 19:00
Friday, April 19   08:00 – 17:00

Exhibitor Service Kit

An Exhibitor Service Kit for Hangar, Exhibitor Pavilion, Chalet and Static Display Exhibitors will be available to all Exhibitors who are paid in full. Log-in information will be provided by ABACE Exhibits Staff.  Exhibitors will find information on the following services in the Exhibitor Service Kit:

  • Audio-Visual Equipment
  • Carpeting
  • Catering
  • Cleaning Services
  • Customs
  • Electricity
  • Floral
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Furniture
  • Hostesses
  • Insurance
  • Internet Access
  • Photography
  • Shipping
  • Turn-key Exhibitor Packages
  • Visas

First Aid

A First Aid station will be available inside the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Centre during Move In and Move Out and on Show days.

Mailing List

Please help us provide you with ABACE information. If we do not have the correct address on file for you, if you are receiving multiple copies of our marketing materials, or if you no longer wish to receive ABACE materials, please send the address panel with corrections noted via mail to:

ABACE U.S.A. Office
Attn: Maureen Cameron
1299 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 550
Washington, DC, 20004

via E-mail to: [email protected] or via fax to +1 (202) 862-5552, Attn: Maureen Cameron.

Official Service Contractor

ABACE Management has appointed The Freeman Companies as the Official Service Contractor for ABACE.

Nelson Aveleno
Vice President of National Sales Group
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: +1 (702) 682-3956
Roxanne Ebbers
Sr. National Account Manager
E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +1 (702) 491-7796


With the exception of Chalet display Exhibitors, there is no parking available on site at the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Business Centre Facility. There are a few spaces located outside of the facility and pay lots located approximately 4-5 blocks away. More information on parking will be provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit.


For liability reasons and to maintain the professional appearance of ABACE, please be advised that no pets, with the exception of service animals, will be permitted in the o Exhibit Halls or on the Static Display of Aircraft at any time.

Photo Use Permission

Any person who attends ABACE grants permission to ABACE Management, its employees and agents to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs, digital images, voices, sound or video recordings, audio clips, or accompanying written descriptions, and, without notifying such person, to use his or her name and such images for any purpose of ABACE, including advertisements for ABACE and its programs.

Publication Bins

As a service to Exhibitors and Publishers of trade magazines, ABACE offers an area of bins to display publications in the Hangar and Pavilion Exhibit area. Publication Bins will be available for periodical publications only, and will be assigned in alphabetical order by title. Advertising material, including promotional brochures and pamphlets, is not permitted in the publication bins and will be discarded by ABACE with no refunds. ABACE provides an attendant to receive shipments, and to stock and maintain the publication bins. Exhibitors and publishers may purchase bins at a cost of $700 per bin. All Companies must submit a sample of their publication to NBAA’s Maureen Cameron ([email protected]) for review before bins are reserved. Shipping information will be provided once payment has been received.


Exhibitor Badges are required for Exhibitor access to the Exhibit Halls, Chalets and Static Display of Aircraft.

Exhibitor Badge Allotment

To assist Exhibitors with inviting their guests and customers to ABACE, we have outlined the Exhibitor Badge allotment below:

  • 20 Badges are provided without charge for each 3 m by 3 m Indoor Exhibit Space reserved up to a maximum of 50 Badges.
  • 20 Badges are provided without charge for each 3 m by 3 m Static Display Space reserved up to a maximum of 50 Badges.
  • 50 Badges are provided per Chalet reserved.
  • Additional Badges may be ordered online or purchased on site for 700 RMB which is approximately $110 each.

Please note that all additional Badges must be paid for at time of order or on site if purchased at the Show. Be advised that all Company guests will be required to submit payment to secure their Badge if the Exhibitor’s Badge allotment has been reached.  To avoid this situation, please be sure to register all guests in advance through Exhibitor Registration.

If an Exhibitor utilizes the services of an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC) during official Show hours, the Exhibiting Company must provide Exhibitor Badges for those personnel. These Badges can be ordered online as part of the Exhibitor’s total allotment of Badges.

If an Exhibitor utilizes the services of an Exhibitor-Appointed Contractor (EAC), Stand Builder or third-party contractor to set up and/or dismantle their Stands or to provide a service prior to the official Show hours, the Exhibiting Company are required to register for contractor photo identification Badges and pay the nominal Badge fees (approximately $25 US per Badge).  More information will be provided in the Service Kit.

All Exhibitors will receive a User ID and password to access the online Registration system. Follow the step-by-step instructions, providing all requested information to complete your Registration. Please register all Stand and Static Display personnel online in advance to avoid waiting in lines on site.  All Badges will be held for on-site pick up. No Badges will be mailed in advance of ABACE2013.

Register now.

Sharing Exhibit Space

ABACE Management must be advised in advance of any and all Companies sharing Exhibit Space. Failure to advise ABACE Management of shared Exhibit Space in advance – including displaying the advertising of another Company’s products or services – may result in a minimum additional Stand Space charge of $3,900 per Company per Stand and/or a minimum of $1,500 per Company per Static Display Space.

Stand Staffing

Stand and Static Display areas must be fully staffed during Official Exhibit Hours. Exhibitors will be admitted at 08:00 each Show day for early preparations of displays only. Stands must remain staffed and Exhibits must remain in place through 16:00 on Thursday, April 18, 2013. No activities, except Stand preparations, are to be scheduled in the Exhibit areas at any time other than official Exhibit hours. ABACE Management reserves the right to make changes to the Exhibit hours schedule with advance notice.


Attendees and Exhibitors from countries requiring Chinese visas to participate in ABACE must have invitation letters from authorities in China.  NBAA will coordinate the information and forward it to the appropriate Chinese authorities who will then issue the ABACE invitation letters.  Please be advised that a nominal fee will be charged to manage this process, and it will take approximately seven to 14 days for processing.  The ABACE2013 Visa Information is available online and will also be provided in the Exhibitor Service Kit.